File Description Ver Licence
NeoLoader NeoLaoder Core and GUI 0.01e CC by-nc-nd
WebUI WebUI for NeoLoader 0.01 CC by-nc-sa
NeoKad Standalone Neo Kademlia Agent 0.00 CC by-nc-nd
NeoHelper Shared Helper Libraty for NeoLaoder 0.01 LGPL
MuleKad Standalone eMule Kademlia Server 0.01b GPL
TorrentDHT Standalone Torrent DHT Tracker 0.01 MIT
NeoUpdater NeoLaoder Update/Instalation Utility 0.01b CC by-nc-nd
cryptopp C++ class library of cryptographic 5.6.1 PublicDomain
v8 V8 JavaScript Engine 3.12.10 BSD
UDT UDP-based Data Transfer Library 4.10 BSD
7z 7zip Arcive Library 9.22 LGPL
qbencode Bencode parser library for Qt 3.2.0 LGPL
qjson JSON serialization library for Qt 0.5.0 LGPL
qtservice Win services/Unix daemons Library 2.6 LGPL
Qt Framework A cross-platform application and UI framework 4.8.1 LGPL
SmartGWT A Web Application Framework 3.0 LGPL
qrencode QR Code encoding library 3.2.0 LGPL
decodeqr A C/C++ library for decoding QR code 2D barcodes 0.9.3 LGPL
SmartGWT Ext SmartGWT Extensions - classes to extend GWT functionality - BSD
OpenCV A library for programming real time computer vision 2.1.0 BSD